Absynth 4 Patches

All sounds and samples obtained through absynthsounds.com may be used royalty free in commercial and non-commercial music and sound design productions. The licensee must not trade or re-distribute these files, pass them on to someone else or resample them for any use in commercial or free sample- and sound libraries.

All patches are compatible with both Absynth 4 and 5

Airy Dreampad
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5.4 MB Wav/44.1khz/16 Bit

An airy dreampad floating in a huge space - involving a sample I made with my old Korg Z1 synth - 2 variations, one with morphing harmonics - get out the meditation bowls and fly away - no other substances needed...

Alien Stretchchoirpad
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1.9 MB Wav/44.1khz/16 Bit

So I resynthed a fragment of a choirpiece of mine using Alchemy's spectral algorhythm, drew in some extra spectral envelopes and imported that sample into Absynth. Added a morphing fractalizing Oscillator controlled by envelopes and some strange comb filters and FX resonance controlled by LFOs and envelopes.

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349.2 KB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

Granular and normal sampling of an electronic artefact derived from a processed voice.

Barking Sequencer
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8 KB

Three envelope driven sequences rocking along. The pitch/amplitude of the barking created with a Frequncy Modulator in the Master section can be controlled with the Modwheel.

Big Majestic Pad
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1 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

I started this patch with a fragment of a sample I produced with Reaktor's Skrewell - the sample in granular mode loops back and forth as the "playhead" position is controlled by an envelope - then added a morphing slightly detuned double Osc (Absynth can sound like Nordlead sometimes) - sent all that through a morphing waveshaper - then added another Skrewell fragment and ringmodulated/filtered it controlled by LFOs.
The Modwheel controls the Master Lowpassfilter's Cutoff so you can control the noisy/bright partials of this Pad

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4.8 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

Three samples I recorded playing one of my birdwhistles. Each Oscillator carries a sample, envelopes control the fading in and out of the samples as well as their individual panning. The LFOs control the ringmodulation, wavemorphing and ringmod balance. Three Macros are programmed to control the individual sample pitches (gliss down) and the Modwheel controls the Cutoff of the Master Hipass Filter.
Happy whistling!

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4.4 MB Wav/44.1khz/16 Bit

Controller CC#21 controls the Input gain of the waveshaper and the Mod wheel gives you extra control over the Allpass filter's cutoff point.

Deep Rumbledrone
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988 KB Wav/44.1khz/16 Bit

A looped fragment of a rumbling drone sample created with Alchemy run through a Waveshaper and Frequency Modulator in Osc 1 - Cutoff Frequency controlled by the Modwheel. The same sample in Osc 2 just sitting there fat and horrifying. Sounds best from C3 downwards - good for dark atmospheres and paranormal ambiences.

Deep Abyss Pad
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7.4 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

Two samples I made with Reaktor's Metaphysical Function in Granular Sampling Mode with morphing grain time. Osc 2 carries a normal sample run through a Frequency Modulator, the Modwheel controls the Mod pitch.

Drivin' my french horn
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3.5 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

Processing a french horn sample. An envelope controls the speed of the car engine, the Mod and pitch wheel give you extra speed control. The morphing speed of the waveshaper is controlled with CC#21, the WS Input is controlled with CC#22, giving you extra engine power.

Feedback Dreampad
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7.5 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

Osc 1+2 carry a self-oscillating feedback sample created with Reaktor's Spark. These are sent through LFO-controlled Bandpass- and Highpassfilters, Osc 3 adds a waveshaped detuned unison sinewave. Osc 2 is slightly detuned with a LFO. The Modwheel controls the Master Filter's 8-pole Lowpass Cutoff frequency and the level of Oscilator 3.

Galactic Choirchords
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6.5 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

Osc 1 carries a soprano choir sample, a Csus9 chord sung on the vowel "u" with creshendo/decreshendo. Osc 2 carries a soprano choir sample, a Csus9 chord sung on the vowel "a" with creshendo/decreshendo. Amplitude envelopes control the fading in/out of these two Oscilllators. Osc 3 carries a slightly detuned synthetic wave, it's amplitude can be controlled via the Modwheel. Macro 1 controls the Pitch shifting (range: 1 octave up) of choir 2.

Galactic Morphpad
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11.2 KB No Samples Used

Three Double Oscillators slowly morphing between root note and upper fifth. Allpass filter supplies phasing, Frequency Shifters supply a morphing pulse, Oscillator 3 introduces galactic sweeping noises. No Macros assigned.

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4.8 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

So I made this sample of me talking gibberish. The first patch applies a temposynced sequence on the amplitude of the loopjumped sample, the Modwheel controls the LFO depth of the left sample (Osc 1) giving you extra scratch control, a Macro (CC 21) controls the Resonance of the Master comb filter - the sequences are written in 32nd steps so anything beyond 90 Bpm will get a bit fast and chaotic.
Patch 2 is devilspeak, just routing the same sample through a Waveshaper and twisting around the Resonators in the FX section, quite terrifying actually.

Industrial Bass sequence
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5 KB No Samples Used

Irregular Bells
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972 KB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

A sample I made from a metal candleholder run through Frequency shifters and other stuff - Osc 1+2 carry the regular metal sample - Osc 3 carries the same sample in granular mode - morphing Waveshapers and an Allpass filter do the rest of the job. Check the envelope and LFO page for Modulation sources/targets. There are two variations of this patch - one has a comb filter added in the Master section - it's resonance is controlled by an envelope

Looped Sinebells
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8 KB No Samples Used

3 envelope driven and waveshaped Sinewaves in different pitches ringmodulated by a step sequence, a bit suicidal maybe...

Metal Gate texture
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1.4 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

I recorded the closing/opening of a metal gate in an aviary in a zoo, filtered out some of the background birds and imported that in to Absynth. Osc 1+2 carry that sample in granular mode with some modulation of the Random Frequency and different starting points and Osc 3 carries that sample in normal sampler mode creating an offsync loop with birds and the closing of the gate sounding like this incredible deep drone in the lower registers. Some waveshapers and an Allpass fiter do the rest of the job. The Modwheel controls the pitch of Osc 1. Have a good flight...

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3.6 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

Big pad with a vocal-like sample I made with Reaktors Metaphysical Function and a Osc in Fractalize Mode. The Modwheel controls the Frequency of the Frequency shifter in the Master section. Macro 1 (CC#21) controls the Cutoff Frequency of the Lowpass Filter in the Master section.

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1.5 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

If you want to bust a New Age party this is the drone to use. I destroyed two trumpet artefacts with Reaktor which are played back in granular mode, extremely timestretched. Two Waveshapers take care of further destruction. The inverted Modwheel controls the Frequency of the Lowpass filter in the Master section, LFO's affect the Waveshaping as well as the Resonance of Osc 2 and the grain sizes/grain pitches etc.

Nervous Harmonics
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4.3 MB Wav/44.1khz/16 Bit

Two Oscillators (1+3) carry a reynthesized Trumpet FX sound treated with Reaktor and resynthed with Alchemy. Osc 1 has a Bandpass filter tempo synced envelope for some weird new age morphing harmonics and Osc 2 supplies a temposyned/LFO driven pulse with a granular sync wave. Osc 3 plays the same sample through a LFO driven Lowpass filter. The Modwheel controls the Master Filter's Hipass Cutoff point to get rid of some of the noises and low frequencies if needed.

Processed Mouth Organ
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352 KB Wav/44.1khz/16 Bit

Pulsating Landscape
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5.9 MB Wav/44.1khz/16 Bit

Well the usual suspects are involved twisting a soundscpe sample. LFO driven Comb and Allpass filters, temposynced pulsation, morphing waveshaping and step envelope-sequenced ringmodulation coming in and going out. No Macros are programmed, the Oscillators are touch sensitive to velocity.

Ringmod Dive
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2.9 KB No Samples Used

Osc 1 carries the diving Ringmod Sound - it's run through a waveshaper - contol it's Input with the Modwheel for more gain/distortion. Osc 2 adds a bit of panned ryhtmical texture and Osc 3 is a samplejumped distorted "clang" type of sound on the downbeats of the sequence.

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3.4 KB No Samples Used

The two voiced melody is played by two retriggered temposynced envelopes with a double Osc in Channel A, Channel C plays the upper voice of the same melody an octave higher. A lot of morphing waveshaping going in Osc A and the Master Waveshaper and a sequenced 8-pole lowpass causes occasional burst in the texture. No external samples are used in this one, no Macros are programmed.

Soft Glassgong
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5.2 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

Osc 1 carries a processed glass sample, an envelope sequence controls the cutoff of the Notch filter. Osc 2 carries the same sample in granular mode, playhead position is controlled by an envelope. There is a variation of this patch in which I added a Frequency shifter yielding more elctronic sounding results.

Spectral Drone Pad
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10.7 KB No Samples Used

2 waves created with the "import from Audio" function (I wish the wavelength could be much longer) sent through various filters, frequency shifters and a Waveshaper with a morphing wave. The Modwheel controls the frequency of the two Frequency shifters, see the LFO page for Modulation sources/targets. Try out all registers...

Talking Trumpet
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5.2 MB Wav/48khz/24 Bit

Two Oscillators carry a processed trumpet FX sample which I treated with Reaktor 5. Osc 1 in sampling mode, Osc 2 in granular sampling mode. The Modwheel does strange things to the FX section, Macro 1 affects the modulation speed of LFO 2.

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4.0 KB No Samples Used

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6.1 MB Wav/44.1khz/16 Bit

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3.0 KB No Samples Used