9 Treasures Sequence




Oscillator A in Sync Granular Mode carries a selfdrawn wave, pitch and amplitude are controlled by retriggered/temposynced envelopes in 9/4, Osc phase is controlled by a temposynced LFO. A Cloudfilter processes that signal, the Cloud Filter HZ Parameter is controlled by a linked envelope. Control the Balance between Main/Mod (Oscillator noise) with Macro 5. Osc B caries a saw wave run through an envelope controlled Bandpass Filter (linked to Osc A pitch), control Filter Resonance with Macro 6. The pitch of Osc B is controlled by a linked envelope in double speed. In the Master section a LPF 8 Pole can reduce high frequencies when Macro 8 is turned down and a Combfilter can be activated when Macro 7 assigned to the Resonance is turned up. The Frequency of the Combfilter is controlled by a linked envelope. The Modwheel activates a temposynced squarewaved LFO-Pitch Modulation. A Multitap Delay in the FX section adds synced delays, control wet Balance and Feedback with Macros 9/10. Both Channles also have Macros assigned to their general volumes (1+2).
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