Alien Trip




This patch processes a longer Soundscape (1:43) I produced with the Comb Delay- and self resonating features of u-he's More Feedback Machine 2. Each Oscillator is set to Granular mode and plays a different section of the sample. The sample playhead position/speed is controlled by velocity sensitive envelopes, the harder you hit the key the faster the samples will play. Each Channel has an envelope in Retrigger mode controlling the Channel volume and every 4 beats a different Channel fades in/fades out. All 3 Channels have a Supercomb Filter applied, Filter Feedback modulated by LFO-morphed Ringmodulation. Control the Supercomb Feedback and the Grainsize of the samples with the inverted Modwheel. A Cloudfilter in the Master section and a LPF 4 Pole Filter process the signal furtherly. Control Cloudfilter Balance with Macro 5, Cloudfilter Delay Random with Macro 6. Control the Lowpass Frequency with Macro 7 and the LFO-morphed and waveshaped Filter Resonance with Macro 8. You can also add a pulsating LFO applied to the Channel's volumes with Macro 1 and control the pulsation speed with Macro 2. In the FX section control the size of the Pipe with Macro 10 and it's Feedback with Macro 11. Balance wet and Balance dry can be controlled with Macro 9/12. Check the envelope and LFO page for further modulation sources and targets.
28MB Wav/48khz/24Bit