Ambience Switcher 01




Another patch using a sample recorded during my Newyears walk, walking in the snow, a distant fireworks explosion, a cross-country skier passing. Each Oscillator plays back/destroys that sample in granular mode but with different starting points. Temposynced volume envelopes in retrigger mode switch between the three samples. Control the sample speed with the assigned Macro which will result in a pitch change. Add additional temposynced LFO sawshaped amplitude modulation with the assigned Macro. Each Oscillator processes the sample with a LPF 4 pole filter, Filter Feedback treated with a Frequency shifter. Control the Filter Cutoff and Feedback amount with the assigned Macros. The Modwheel controls the Balance of the Cloudfilter in the Master section, Cloudfilter Cutoff is controllable with a Macro. The Waveshaper in the Master section totally overloads the signal and gives that nice Progidiy sound to it. The Aetherizer in the FX section adds a warped space, the grainsize is controlled by a temposynced envelope in retrigger mode.
5.4MB Wav/48khz/24Bit
MP3 Demo Screenshot