Asian Bell Texture




So I have this pair of microtuned asian bells (see screenshot below) and made a 3-miced (L-C-R) recording shaking these bells. The same sample is used in all channels, each one processes it differently. Channel A uses a Supercomb with full Feedback, which is processed by a Frequency shifter. Channel B plays back the sample unprocessed and Channel C uses a LFO controlled Combfilter. To get rid of some of the aliasing artefacts the Absynth sample engine produces when transposing samples each channel has a Lowpass Filter and the high frequencies are reduced by assigning the LP cutoff to the keyboard follow function the lower you play the sound. Channels A+B alternate in Volume controlled by looped envelopes, Channel C has the same volume envelope as Channel A. All Channels also have a Macro assigned to their volume. The Cloudfilter in the Master section adds an ethereal shimmer, control it's Balance with the Modwheel. The Master Ringmodulator's Balance and Frequency are controllable with Macros. Resonators in the FX section add a big space. Check the LFO page for further modulation sources and targets.
12.8MB Wav/48khz/24Bit