The sample of a Bell sound send through a huge IKM reverb which is then send into More Feedback Machine 2 which is then send into Softtube's Acoustic Feedback which is then send into another IKM Room Reverb. Oscillator A carries this sample in granular mode, sample speed controlled by a LFO controlled envelope. The signal is then processed by a Cloudfilter (control it's Balance with the Modwheel) and an LPF 8 Pole Filter, Filter Cutoff and Resonance controlled by LFO driven envelopes. The Filter resonance is processed by a Waveshaper. The attack time of the Bell is controllable with a Macro, it can also be pitched down an octave with the assigned Macro. Oscillator B runs in Ringod mode, Osc Balance and Mod Pitch are controlled by LFO's. The the signal runs through a Frequency Shifter and an envelope controlled Cloudfilter. Both Channels have Macros assigned to their Volumes. An envevlope controlled Waveshaper in the Master section adds dirt but only comes in after quite a while to boost the long decay phase of the sample. The Cutoff of the LPF -12 dB Filter in the Master section can be controlled with a Macro. The Resonators in the FX section add a huge space, FX Filter Frequency is controlled by a LFO. Check the LFO and envelope page for further Modulation sources and targets.
7.5MB Wav/48khz/24Bit