Big Sci-Fi Organ




All 3 Oscillators carry the same selfdrawn waveform, each Oscillator panned differently with Osc 2+3 slightly detuned. There is a Cloudfilter in each Channel, control their Balance with Macro 2, if that Macro is up you can use the Modwheel for detuning/Leslie effects. Each Channel has a LFO-controlled Ringmodulator in the Mod module, control LFO-depth with Macro 4, Ringmod Balance with Macro 8 and temposynced LFO-Ringmod speed with Macro 12. In the Master section you can control the Highpass Frequency with Macro 7, the Lowpass Cutoff with Macro 5 and the Lowpass Resonance distortion with Macro 6. Macro 1 activates a temposynced LFO for amplitude modulation and the Aetherizer in the FX section has Macros 9+10 assigned for Wet Balance and Feedback amount. Please check the LFO and envelope section for further modulation sources and targets.
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