Black Holes




Huge cosmic Soundscpape
Three samples derived from an Impro take I made with Reaktor 5 distributed amongst the three Oscillators in normal sample mode. Osc 1+2 are fed through Waveshapers, their waves morphed by LFOs, Osc 3 is routed through a Ringmod module. Some additional filtering applied to Osc 2 and 3.
In the Master section another Ringmod module with LFO-controlled wavemorphing and a Cloudfilter process the sound further. The Ringmod Balance and Pitch can be controlled with the assigned Macros, the Balance of the Cloudfilter with the Modwheel. Frequency morphing of the Cloudfiler is controlled by two envelopes, also an envelope with LFO control is subtly changing the Ringmod pitch. The delay time of the Echoes in the FX section is controllable with a Macro, when relasing the key a release envelope shortens the Delay time. Each black hole's volume can be controlled with a Macro.
WARNING: Don't play this for too long, as a corruption of the time&space continuum will suck you into a black hole and spit you out inside the Absynth 5 Waveshaper! So download it and donate!
46.7MB Wav/48khz/24Bit