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Channel A uses a female vocal sample I made for my Sound Bank Alchemistry Beyond. Set to Granular mode you can alter the Grain size with Macro 1. When the slider is turned towards the left this will result in a ringmod-like sound with a strange pitch-following behaviour, turned to the right in a warmer vocal-like sound with clear pitches. The sample is not looped and will stop playing after a while. A Cloudfilter and a Lowpass Filter process the signal, control the Cloudfilter's Balance with Macro 2, the Filter Q with Macro 5 and the Filter Transpose with Macro 6. Channel B adds a ringmodulated synthetic sound with a sweeping Bandpass filter. In the Master section a LFO-controlled Allpass Filter processes the signal furtherly, control the Filter Resonance with Macro 7 and the Resonance distortion with Macro 8. Macros 9-12 control the Aetherizer in the FX section and Macro 14 let's you control the Lowpwpass Cutoff of the LP Filter in the Master section. Macros 3+4 are for individual volume control of each channel and the Modwheel adds plenty of detune. Please check the envelope and LFO page for further modulation sources and targets.
13.5MB Wav/48khz/24Bit