In 2005 I travelled Asia gathering sounds and ambiences for my filmscore for the documentary film "Trip to Asia". In Taipei/Taiwan I recorded this female TV moderator presenting the musicians of the Berlin Pilharmonic orchestra to the 20.000 people attending the live screening of the concert on the square in front of the concert hall.
Oscillators A+B carry the timestretched vocal sample, the grain size is controlled with a LFO, you can also control the grainsize with the assigned Macro. Also the sample speed is tweakable with a Macro. Osc A is filtered with an envelope controlled Supercomb and a Cloudfilter, Osc B remains unprocessed and can be tuned an octave up with the assigned Macro. The random frequency of the grains can be controlled with the Modwheel, an additional Macro-controlled LFO adds even weirder pitch modulation. Osc C carries the same bandpass-filtered sample in normal looped sample mode. Control sample pitch with a Macro, add envelope controlled pitch modulation with another Macro. Each Channel has it's own Volume Control, also the LFO-controlled Resonators in the FX section can be adjusted in volume.
2.3MB Wav/48khz/24Bit