In this patch a Chime sample from my Kontakt Library Chimeland available on patchpool is processed in Channel A. The Osc is set to Granular mode, sample playhead controlled by a looped envelope. Control the time of the envelope breakpoints/sample speed with Macro 4. The pitch of the Chimes can be controlled with Macro 7. The sample is run through a Supercomb Filter with LFO controlled Feedback and a Cloudfilter, control the Filter Resonance with Macro 5 and the Cloud Balance with the Modwheel. Osc 2 runs in FM mode processed by a HPF and a Lowpassfilter, it's amplitude modulated via the the Audio Mod function by the loudness of the Chime sample. Osc C runs in Ringmod mode processed by LPF and a Cloudfilter. The Lopwpass Cutoff of Channels B+C are controlled by the inverted Modwheel. In the Master section an Allpass 4 Filter and a LPF 8 Pole Filter are processing the texture, control Allpass Cutoff with Macro 8 and Lowpass Cutoff with Macro 6. Macros 9-11 are assigned to the Resonators in the FX section. The individual volume of each channel is controllable with Macros 1-3. Please check the envelope and LFO pages for modulation sources and targets.

11.4MB Wav/48khz/24Bit