Come and Go




A Soprano Sax sample recorded in a church during a concert processed with crusherX is used in Oscillators A+B in normal Sampler mode. Osc C uses a Single Wave which is processed by a Lowpass and a Cloudfilter. The samples are processed by various Filters and a Frequency Shifter in Channel B. Tune the Frequency Shifter with Macro 7 and turn up the waveshaped Resonance of Filter A with the Modwheel. A Supercomb in the Master section and a Highpass Filter process the signal furtherly. Control the Supercomb Resonance with Macro 5 and the HPF Cutoff with Macro 6. The Multitap Delay in the FX section has 3 Macros assigned (9-12). The individual volumes of all channels are adjustable with Macros 1-3. Please check the LFO and envelope pages for Modulation sources and targets.
19.7MB Wav/44.1khz/24Bit