Could be a Pad




Channels A+B panned hard left/right use a self drawn waveform processed by a Bandpass in key follow mode and a Cloudfilter. The Cloud in Channel B is tuned up an octave. The volumes of Channels A+B are assigned to Macro 3. Channel C in Single mode is processed by a LP Filter, it's resonance modulated by a Frequency Shifter and a LFO-controlled Waveshaper in module C2. Control the Input Gain of the Waveshaper with Macro 5 and the volume of Channel C with Macro 4. In the Master section there is a LPF 4 Pole Filter, control the Cutoff with Macro 6, frequency shifter-modulated feedback with Macro 7 and the frequency of the shifter with Macro 8. With the Macro 8 slider in hard right position it's tuned to a fourth below the main pitch. The Modwheel adds pitchmod to all Channels. The Aetherizer in the FX section has Macros 9-11 assigned, tune up the Grain Cloud an octave with Macro 11. Please check the LFO and envelope pages for more modulation sources and targets.
The download folder contains two patch formats: ksd (old Absynth) and nab (new Absynth).

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