Two samples I made with a modified version of Reaktor's Skrewell ensemble are used in Osc A+B run in granular mode. They are run through Waveshapers with LFO-controlled wavemorphing and then fed into LFO-controlled Bandpass filters. Control the Filter Cutoff with the assigned Macro and control the volume of each gliss with the assigned Macros. The Modwheel controls the speed of the LFO which is assigned to Oscillator Pitch and Filter Cutoff. Osc C runs in Ringmod mode and produces some kind of alert sound, it's volume controlled by a looped envelope and also a Macro. The pitch of Oscillator C's carrier wave can be controlled with the assigned Macro, the morphing of the modulator wave is driven by a LFO. A Waveshaper and LPF 2 Pole filter in the Master section process the signal further and a Multitap delay in the FX section adds long panned delays.
2.4MB Wav/48khz/24Bit
MP3 Demo