Double Ringmod Sequencer




Oscillator A runs in Fractalize mode with a selfdrawn wave - Fract amount and displacement controlled by envelopes, Osc B runs in FM mode with the same wave as carrier and a sinewave as Modulator. A LFO controlls the temposynced Pulsation of both Oscillators. Two step envelopes in retrigger mode conrrol the pitch of both Oscillators, Cloudfilters, a Ringmod Module in the Master section and a Master LPF 8 Pole finish the job.
Lots of Macros assigned, you can control the top note of the pitch envelopes, the Ringmod Feedback and amount, the LFO Ampstrength and much more, just check the Macro page and the envelope section if you need to understand what's going on.
8.5KB No Samples Used
MP3 Demo