Epic Voxolin Pad




Two samples made by convoluting bowed violin notes with church a choir sample are used in Channels A+B. They are crossfading so that one covers the lower and the other one the upper half of the range. Both Channels have a LFO-morphing Waveshaper and a LPF 4 Pole Filter applied, Filter Resonance modulated by a LFO-controlled Frequency Shifter. Control the Filter Cutoff with Macro 5 and the waveshaping amount with Macro 6. Channel C adds a LFO-controlled FM sound. A LFO-controlled Notch Filter in the Master section modulates the signal, control the Filter Resonance with Macro 7 and the modulation speed with Macro 8. A Highpass FIlter can be applied with Macro 2. The Aetherizer in the FX section can be tuned up with Macro 12 and and a falling pitch envelope can be activated with the inverted Macro 11, it becomes active when turned towards the left. The inverted Macro 1 activates a temposynced envelope for the dry output, when turned towards the left the envelope becomes active. The Modwheel controls the modulation depth of the detuning in the Aetherizer. Please check the envelope and LFO pages for further modulation sources and targets.
12.9MB Wav/48khz/24Bit