Ethereal Choirpad




The possibilities of Absynth scare me sometimes and at the same time make me feel close to Heaven, wherever that might be... The recording of a female choir from last year treated with Melodyne DNA so that polyphonic music becomes a constant note and furtherly processed with iZotopes Spectron. That sample played back in granular mode in Osc A, playhead position controlled by a looped envelope, it takes 50 seconds + to scroll through the entire sample, the end part of the envelope is reversing the sample back to the begining. This is then processed with an Allpassfilter, Filter resonance/feedback controlled by an envelope, Cutoff by a LFO. Channel C plays back the same sample an octave higher, control it's volume with the assigned Macro. The Filter Feedback adds strange distortion to the patch, if you want the pure pad sound reduce the Feedback with the assigned Macro. Osc B in Fractalize mode with a morphing Vocal B wave runds through a Supercomb and a velocity controlled Bandpassfilter. In the Master section a Cloudfilter and a Ringmodulator add their share to this patch, the Ringmod Balance can be controlled with the Modwheel. The Aetherizer in the FX section has four Macros assigned for further tweaking. Check the envelope and LFO page for more modulation sources/targets if you want to see what's going on. So with this patch I really have touched my inner self this morning, sorry if this sounds vain but that's how it is...
10.1MB Wav/48khz/24Bit