Evolving Feedbacks




A sample I made with Reaktor 5's Cha-Osc is used in Osc A run in granular mode. An envelope determines the sample playhead position. Control the playback of segment 3 of the envelope with the assigned Macro. Osc A is processed by a LPF 8 pole filter in feedback mode, a Waveshaper running a multi wave processes the Filter Feedback, the Waveshaper amount is controlled by a looped envelope. Control the Filter resonance with the assigned Macro and the Filter Cutoff with the Modwheel.
A smaller looped portion of the same sample is used in Osc C, control the sample length with the assigned Macro. Osc B carries a FM wave run through a Bandpass Filter and a Cloudfilter. An Allpass FIlter in the Master section adds morphing strangeness, the Aetherizer adds a pitched space, you can control the pitch with the assigned Macro (-12 semitones).
7.4MB Wav/48khz/24Bit