Female Meta Vox




A recording of female overtone singing from a recent theatre project processed in Metasynth, stretching the sound and enhancing the spectral movements. Two samples with different methods of processing were made out of this original recording. Osc A holds the less spacious sample, Osc B uses a wider, more stretched sample. Both Oscillators run in Granular mode, control the Sample Speed with Macros 1+2 and the Random Grain Freq with Macros 3+4. Both Channels have a Ringmodulator and a LFO-controlled Notch Filter applied, the Modwheel controls the Notch resonance. Control the Ringmod Balance with Macros 5+7 and the RM pitch with Macros 6+8. A Supercomb in the Master section adds distorterd weirdness, control the weirdness Balance with Macro 11 and it's pitch with Macro 12. A Lowpass Filter (which is also sensitive to velocity) processes the signal furtherly, control the LP Cutoff with Macro 15 and the LP resonance with Macro 16. The Aetherizer in the FX section can be controlled with Macros 9+10.
42,2 MB Wav/48khz/24Bit