Flanged Space




Osc A carries a sample I made with Metasynth. It is processed by a Highpass Filter, control the HP Cutoff with Macro 5 and it's resonance with Macro 6. A Freq Shifter processes the signal furtherly, control it's Frequency with Macro 7. Osc B in Sync Granular mode carries resynthed waveform created by importing the same sample into Absynth. A LFO-controlled Allpass 8 Filter and a LFO-morphed Freq Shifter process this waveform. Osc C in Double Mode adds a temosynced pulsating wave, processed by a Lowpass Filter and a Ringmodulator. Control the Ringmod Balance with Macro 3 and the RM Pitch with Macro 4. The individual Volumes of Channel B and C can be controlled with Macros 2 and 14. Macro 8 adds a random pitch modulation to Channels B+C. A Waveshaper and a Cloudfilter are active in the Master Section, the Cloudfilter's Balance is controllable with the Modwheel. the Cloud's Random Pitch Modulation with Macro 1. The Resonators in the FX Section have Macros 9-12 assigned. Please check the LFO and envelope pages for further modulation sources and targets.
2.7MB Wav/48khz/24Bit