Oscillator A carries a sample I made by doing some overtone singing while testing a new portable recorder. This sample was then processed with GRM Evolution. The result was imported into Metasynth and resynthed/furtherly mangled in the Image Synth, the result is the sample for Channel B. Osc A+B run in Granular mode, sample playhead position and speed controlled by a looped envelope. Macro 1 controls the speed of that envelope, turning it down will increase the speed (and the fun). Osc C carries a custom wave in Sync Granular Mode run through a BPF Filter. All Oscillators are processed by a Ringmodulator, control the Balance with Macro 6 and the RM pitch with Macro 7. The Modwheel controls the Cloudfilter Balance in the Master section, you can also control the Cutoff of the LPF 4 Pole Filter in that section with Macro 5. Macros 2-4 are assigned to the individual Channel volumes. Macros 8+12 are for controlling Pitch modulation and it's speed. The Resonator in the FX section is controllable with Macros 9-11.
Please check the envelope and LFO section for further modulation sources and targets.
15,2 MB Wav/48khz/24Bit