Giant Stabs




Two virtual steel string samples I made with AAS String Studio (actually for my new Kontakt Patch Steel String Monster which will be available soon) run through various Tubes and Saturators. Keyboard split happens at C3. These samples are both run through a Supercomb Filter with it's Feedback modulated by an envelope controlled Frequency shifter (the Feedback is very velociy sensitive) and then through a Waveshaper. The LPF 4 Pole in the Master section is also very velocity sensitive. An Aetherizer in the Master section adds a huge space controllable with 3 Macros. You can also control the Sample speed with Macro 1, Release time with Macro 2 and the envelope break point for Sample Grain size with Macro 5, turning this Macro down will make the samples sound very gurgly. The Modwheel is assigned to LFO1 Master depth which adds a strange Pitch- and Combfilter Frequency modulation.
8.4MB Wav/48khz/24Bit