Granular Growl




Channel A carries a french horn sample in Granular mode, a low growling sound with glissandi. Control the sample playback speed with Macro 1. This is then processed by a LFO-morphed Waveshaper and a LPF 8 Pole Filter, Filter Feedback modulated by a LFO-morphed Frequency Shifter. Channel B uses a resynthed waveform extracted from another Horn sample within a Ringmod Oscillator with 3 unison voices. This waveform is processed by an envelope controlled Bandpass Filter, the envelope's first breakpoint is velocity sensitive so the harder you play the faster the Filter will rise to it's first Breakpoint. The overall Cutoff of the Bandpass is controllable with Macro 5. Channel C uses the same sample as Channel A but in normal Sample mode (looped) processed by a LPF 8 Pole with waveshaped Filter Feedback. A LFO-controlled Frequency Shifter processes the signal furtherly, control the LFO speed with Macro 8. In the Master section you'll find a Hipass Filter, control the Hipass Cutoff with Macro 11 and the Resonance with Macro 12. A Combfilter then turns the whole signal into a texture with distinct chromatic pitches, if you turn the Comb Feedback down with Macro 7 the whole texture will become more atonal and noisy as the original pitches of the samples will become audible. You can also tune the Comb up an octave with Macro 6. All channels have individual volume sliders (Macros 2-4) and the Aetherizer in the FX section is controllable with Macros 9+10. The Modwheel adds a fast temposynced amplitude modulation. Please check the LFO and envelope page for further Modulation sources and targets.
2.9MB Wav/48khz/24Bit