Halloween Scape




This patch processes a female vocal sample I made for my theatre music Macbeth, a moaning witch doing some incantation rituals. This sample was processed with the Filter section of Metasynth and then imported into Absynth for further treatment. Osc A carries the witch in Granular mode, control the sample start position with Macro 1 and the sample speed with Macro 4. For random sample pitch modulation tweak Macro 6. Osc B carries an Oscillator in Double mode with 2 selfdrawn waves processed by an LFO-controlled Allpass Filter. Wake the ghouls with the Modwheel assigned to the Allpass Resonance. Both Channels also have a LPF Filter, control the Filter Cutoff with Macro 6, the individual volumes of both channels can be controlled with Macros 2+3.
A Ringmodulator and a Cloudfilter are acvtive in the Master section, there is a x/y-pad (Macros 7+8) controlling various parameters of these two modules. The Aetherizer in the FX section can be tweaked with 4 Macros (9-12).
10.5MB Wav/48khz/24Bit