This patch processes two cricket samples, one recorded some years ago in the Tuscany the other one some days ago when trying to capture a thunderstorm (which didn't quite make it) following an incredible heatwave. Channel 1 carries the more recent recording, actually the cricket was barely audible in the sample which mainly consisted of wind and distant rumbling so I used iZotope's RX to isolate the cricket sound. The Oscillator runs in Granular mode, time set to 5%. Control the Random Frequency parameter with the Modwheel. An LFO and velocity controlled Allpass Filter and a Ringmodulator process the signal, turn up Macro 7 to hear the Ring Modulation. Channel B carries the looped Tuscany crickets in normal Sampler mode. The signal is also processed by a Ring Modulator, it's Balance is also assigned to Macro 7. Channel C carries a waveshaped Sine Wave to add some more tonal body to this patch, processed by a LFO-controlled LPF 8 Pole Filter. Each Channel has a Macro assigned to it's volume (Macros 1-3). In the Master section a Cloudfilter adds some shimmering, Filter Quantization is controlled with Macro 5. Absynth's sample engine is reknown for it's bad aliasing artefacts when transposing samples, especially downwards so a key controlled LPF 8 Pole Filter reduces some high Frequencies in the lower regions of this patch. You can also control the Cutoff with Macro 6. The Aetherizer in the FX section adds a mysterious space and can be tuned down an octave with Macro 10.
4.2MB Wav/48khz/24Bit