A sample of a jet engine I made standing underneath a waiting 747 moving the microphone around slowly is used in Osc A in normal sample mode. To enhance the main frequency of the Jet engine a narrow Bandpass Filter in Transpose mode which is slightly modulated by a LFO processes the sample before it is fed into an envelope controlled Cloudfilter whch adds a strange spectral melody to it. Osc B carries the same sample in granular mode processed by a LPF 4 pole FIlter with high resonance, the FIlter Feedback processed by a Frequency Shfter with a morphing wave. Osc C carries the unprocessed original sample an octave higher.
A Ringmodulator in the Master section with it's Balance controlled by the Modwheel makes the whole sound more synthetic. The Aetherizer adds a big space which can be tuned down an octave with the assigned Macro. It's quite interesting to turn the Macro for dry signal amount down and then tuning the pitch of the Aetherizer down an octave which makes the whole sound darker and even stranger.
10.1MB Wav/48khz/24Bit