Male Vocal Drone




A 3-miced (L-C-R) stereo sample of me singing a low D through a cardboard tube treated with Melodyne used in granular mode in Oscillators A+B. Control the sample speed with the assigned Macro. Both channels process the sample with a LFO-controlled Notch Filter, you can also control the Notchfilter's Frequency with the assigned Macro. In Channel A a Frequency shifter furtherly processes the signal. Both channels have Macros assigned to the channel volume. In the Master section a Waveshaper with LFO-controlled wavemorphing and a LPF 4 Pole Filter do their part of the job. To add distortion use the Modwheel assigned to the Waveshaper's Input gain. The Master LP cutoff is also tweakable with a Macro. The Aetherizer adds a huge space tuned an octave down, three Macros are assigned for basic control of the FX section. The attack of the patch can also be controlled with a Macro.
9MB Wav/48khz/24Bit