Master Drone




Channel A carries a sample I made in Metasynth by respectralizing the attack phase of a metal Bowl using a Multi FM Synth. The Oscillator is set to Granular mode, sample speed at 4%, randomize the Grain pitch with Macro 1. This sound is run through a Supercomb filter, control it's waveshaped resonance with Macro 7 and it's pitch with Macro 5. The sample is furtherly processed by a Waveshaper, you can activate a temposynced envelope for the WS Input with Macro 2. Channel B uses a saw wave run through a Lowpass Filter with waveshaped resonance and a Cloudfilter. Control the LP Cutoff with Macro 6 and the Cloudfilter Balance with Macro 8. More waveshaping takes place in the Master section and another velocity sensitive Lowpass Filter smoothes the signal before it hits the Aetherizer which has Macros 9-12 assigned to various parameters. The Modwheel controls a temposynced square-shaped LFO, control the LFO speed with Macro 14 (CC11). Control the individual channel volumes with Macros 3 and 4.
Please check the envelope and LFO section for further modulation sources and targets.
9,3 MB Wav/48khz/24Bit