Mercury Pad




All three Oscillators run in Double mode carrying a Saw_real wave as main and a Saw_filt 1 wave as Modulator, unison set to 2 voices, uni transpose controlled by a LFO. The Balance between the two is determined via velocity and by a slow LFO. The Oscillators are then processed by differently tuned Cloudfilters, Cloudfilter Hz controlled by another LFO and also tweakable with a Macro, Cloudfilter Balance is controllable with the assigned Macro. Cloudfilter Pitch of Channel C is also controllable with a Macro. The signal is then fed into a LPF 8 pole Filter, Filter Cutoff is assigned to the Modwheel, Filter Feedback is processed by a Frequency shifter. Another Cloudfilter in the Master section tuned up an octave adds more shimmer, control the Filter pitch with the assigned Macro. An LFO-controlled Allpass Filter furtherly processes the signal, add Filter Feedback (distortion) with the assigned Macro. The Aetherizer in the FX section can be tuned down an octave with the assigned Macro.
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