Metal Space




This patch processes a sample I made from timestretched metal sounds recorded in a workshop in my cellar, actually rummaging around in a box of screws, then isolating a segment of that recording and granulating/timestretching and filtering it in Alchemy. Then sending it through a huge Aether Cloud, then importing that into Kontakt and transposing it down 8 octaves. Channel A carries that sample in Granular mode, sample playhead position controlled by a retriggered envelope. The 90 second sample is played back in 8 beats of the host tempo creating a strange sort of loop. This is then processed by a Highpass and a Cloudfilter, both are envelope controlled. Channel B carries that sample also in Granular mode, sample playhead also controlled by a looped envelope but this time at about the original speed. Channel C in Double mode adds a synthetic sound processed by a Lowpass Filter with Filter Resonance processed by an envelope controlled Frequency Shifter. In the Master section you'll find a LFO-controlled Waveshaper and a Lowpass Filter, then the signal hits the Aetherizer, random pitch of the FX is controlled by a LFO. Macro 1 controls the attack time, Macros 2-4 control the individual levels of each channel. Macro 5 controls the Cutoff of the Lowpass Filter in the Master section and Macro 6 the Input Gain of the Waveshaper. Macro 9 controls the level of the dry signal and the Modwheel adds random pitch modulation to Channel A+B and changes the frequency of the Mod Oscillator in Channel C. Check the envelope and LFO pages for further modulation sources and targets.
23.8MB Wav/48khz/24Bit