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A sample made with Reaktor and Aether Reverb, processed in Metasynth and then furtherly processed with Shimmer Reverb is used in Channel A running in Granular Mode, sample playhead position and speed controlled by a looped envelope. A Lowpass Filter porcesses that sample, control the Cutoff with Macro 5. Osc 2 runs in FM Mode, the main wave is morphed by a LFO, the FM Modulator carries a resynthed wave imported from another Metasynth sample. A LPF 8 Pole Filter with ringmodulated Feedback processes that wave before it hits a Cloudfilter, control the RM pitch with Macro 6. Osc C runs in Double Mode processed by a Waveshaper and an envelope controlled Bandpass Filter, the envelope's breakpoints are velocity sensitive. In the Master section a Ringmodulator controllable with Macros 8+12 and a Highpass Filter controllable with Macro 7 process the signal furtherly before it reaches the Aetherizer. The dry signal amount is controlled by a temposynced envelope which you can activate by turning Macro 4 all the way down. You can turn the Aetherizer's pitch up 2 octaves with Macro 10 and add some detuning with Macro 11. The individual levels of the different channels are controllable with Macros 1-3, the Modwheel adds pitch modulation. Please check the envelope and LFO section for further modulation sources and targets.
11,8 MB Wav/48khz/24Bit