Multiphonic Saxreps




Three mono samples I made about 8 years ago with my old EMU 5000 Ultra Sampler sampling my soprano sax playing repeated Multiphonics. The Amplitude of the sax sound in Oscillator A determines Osc B Amp+Pitch and Osc C Amp. Osc A+B are playing back as normal samples, Osc C is in granular mode. Osc A is fed through a Supercomb Filter feedbacking into a Frequency Shifter, when you turn the Mod Balance up with the assigned Macro it sounds more synthetic/less mellow and then the signal is routed into a Cloud Filter controlled by the Modwheel which is also assigned to the Balance of the Cloudfilter in the Master section.
Osc B is fed through a Frequency Shifter sounding like a chirping bird, you can control the Frequency shift with the assigned Macro. Osc C adds granular Multiphonics an octave higher shifting in pitch fed through an Allpass Filter in Feedback->Waveshaper mode, the feedback controlled by an envelope. The controllable Aetherizer can add anything from smaller spaces to huge reverbs by tweaking the assigned Macros. The Demo was played in realtime tweaking almost all the assigned Controllers.
5.5MB Wav/48khz/24Bit
MP3 Demo