Night Thoughts




Channel A with the oscillator in granular mode plays an electronic sequence made in Metasynth processed by a Supercomb and a Coudfilter with frequency-shifted feedback. Control the feedback of the Comb with Macro 5 and the balance of the Cloudfilter with Macro 6. Channel B adds a waveshaped sinewave run through a LPF 4 Pole Filter with LFO-modulated cutoff. Waveshaper amount for Channel B is controllable with Macro 6. Channel C with the oscillator in granular mode adds a French Horn-glissando recorded recently in a church, sample playhead position is controlled by an envelope. Control the pitch of the horn with Macro 7 and the sample speed with Macro 1. All of this runs through a Waveshaper and a Frequency Shiter in the Master section. Control the frequency of the FS with Macro 12. Macros 9-11 are assigned to the Resonators in the FX section, Macros 2-4 control the individual channel volums and the Modwheel adds pitch randomization to the grains of the French Horn. Please check the envelope and LFO pages for modulation sources and targets.
The download folder contains two patch formats: ksd (old Absynth) and nab (new Absynth).

The demo below combines the patches Fear no more and Night Thoughts.

7.7MB Wav/48khz/24Bit