Pluto Pad




Cosmic Soundscape.
A sample I made with Synplant and Echoboy in granular mode. Each Oscillator plays back a different segment of the sample, playhead position and sample speed controlled by looped envelopes, each Oscillator's volume can be controlled with a Macro, also the release time is tweakable with a Macro. Furtherly processed by Allpassfilters, Filter feedback is controllable with a Macro, and Cloudfilters, their quantized filter grains controlled by envelopes. A Notchfilter in the Master section controlled by a slow LFO adds further modulation, the Filter Bandwidth can be controlled with a Macro. The Aetherizer adds grains an octave higher, their pitch can be controlled with a Macro. The Modwheel adds a slow temposynced LFO pulsation.
10.9MB Wav/48khz/24Bit
MP3 Demo