Pot Percussion Sequence




This special patch processes 3 sampled I made for my Kontakt patches Pot percussion. Hitting a steel cooking pot with a wooden spoon in different velocities. All samples run in Granular mode, sample playhead position/speed and Grainsize are sequenced with 3 temposynced envelopes in Retrigger mode (see screenshot). Alter the Grainsize with Macro 1, add Random Grain Pitch with the Modwheel and bring in a sort of Reverse effect for Chanels B and C with Macro 2. All Channels use a Ringmodulator and a Cloudfilter for processing. Control Ringmod Balance and Pitch with Macros 5/6 Cloudfilter Balance with Macro 7. In the Master section you'll find a Supercomb Filter, Filter Feedback processed by a Frequency Shifter. Control the Supercomb Balance with Macro 8. A LPF 8 Pole Filter processes the signal furtherly before it hits the Aetherizer. Control LPF Cutoff with Macro 3 and the ringmodulated Filter Resonance with Macro 4. Macros 9-12 give you control over the Aetherizer's Wet Balance, Gran Rate, Gran Feedback and Gran Transpose. This patch can be anything from a beautiful gamelanish bell sound to a totally chaotic evil rhythm machine. Have fun!
The Demo was played tweaking all available Macros in several passes recorded in Logic.
718KB Wav/48khz/24Bit