Rubbergong Scape




Huge tonal Soundscape with very low Frequencies.
A recording I made during a recent workshop dragging rubber balls over various Gongs and low Tomtoms, some tinkling metal chains are also played in the second half of the sample. Osc 1 in Granular mode plays back the first half of the sample, Osc 2 uses the tinkling chain part. Both sample playheads are controlled by looped envelopes, a Macros is assigned to the first segment of the playhead's envelopes. The Sample's granular size is assigned to the inverted Modwheel. Osc A is processed by a Waveshaper and a Combfilter, Osc B by a Waveshaper and a Supercomb, Filter Feedback modulated by a morphing Frequency Shifter. Control the Filter Feedback with the assigned Macros. In the Master section another Waveshaper adds more density and a Ringmodulator with it's Balance, Pitch control and Pitch Modulation assigned to Macros can be added. The Aetherizer in the FX section can be detuned and pitched with Macros. Check the LFO page to check further Modulation sources and targets. Your Subwoofers will freak out about this one!
20.6MB Wav/48khz/24Bit