Rubberplate Gong Sequence




Samplejumped gonglike Sequence. I had an extensive sample session yesterday draging rubber balls over various metal objects and hitting a big metal plate with those balls. Chan A carries a sample containing various hits in temposynced, retriggered Sample jump mode. The sequence was programmed at 60 BPM, the higher you play the sound the less the sample jump sequence will become effective as the hits in the recording will actually play before the next sample jump point comes in. This sample is then processed by a velocity sensitive Cloud Filter (Modwheel assigned to Balance) and a LFO-morphed Ringmodulator (Macro assigned to Balance). Chan B carries a sample in Granular Mode (Playhead position controlled by a temposynced, retriggered envelope) dragging a rubber ball over that beautiful plate processed by a Comb Filter (Reso assigned to Modwheel) and a LFO-morphed Frequency Shifter (Feedback assigned to Modwheel, velocity controls Mod Pitch). Both Channels have Macros assigned to their volumes.
In the Master Section a LFO-morphed Waveshaper adds strange Distortions (turn the WS off if you prefer a clean sound) and a LPF 8 Pole FIlter (Cutoff assigned to a Macro) gives you control over the high Frequencies. The Aetherizer in the FX sextion has Macros assiged to Wet Balance, Grain duration and Feedback amount so you can vary the space size/amount. The Random Pitch Parameter in the Aetherizer is assigned to a looped envelope in order to add occasional detuning of the space. The Patch uses a microtonal Tuning (8ve/24 - semitone=quatertone). Check the Midi and LFO page for further Modulation sources and targets.
18MB Wav/48khz/24Bit