Sci-Fi Combs




Big Scifi Soundscape/Pad
The tonality in this patch is only created by the high Resonance of the involved Combfilters, if you turn the Macro assigned to Comb Resonance down the patch will turn into a noisy Soundscape without tonality. Osc A carries a deranged voice sample I made from processing my voice with various Plugs, mainly with Meldaproduction's Multi Harmonizer, sample playhead poistion is controlled by an envelope. The signal is send through a Combfilter and a LPF 8 Pole Filter, control the LPF Cutoff with the assigned Macro. Osc B carries an electronic Scifi texture I made with Reaktor 5 and Logic's binaural Panning features, sample playhead poistion is controlled by a looped envelope. This is also send through a Combfilter and a Frequency shifter, the pitch of the shifter is controlled via velocity and a looped envelope. The Modwheel adds a fast random Modulation to the Combfilter's frequency resulting in a pitch modulation. A Waveshaper in the Master section adds some compression before the signal hits a Cloudfilter. Control Cloudfilter Balance and Grain Rate with the assigned Macros. The attack time of both Channels is assigned to Macro 1, their volumes can be individually controlled with Macros 2 and 3. An Echo module in the FX section with Echo time controlled by a LFO adds moe spaciousness. Check the LFO and Envelope page for further Modulation sources and targets.
10.1MB Wav/48khz/24Bit