Scrape Scape




This patch contains 2 versions: Scrape Scape 1 (org): The sample of scraping on the edge of a Tamtam with a metal stick is used in Channel A (Sample mode) processed by a tuned Supercomb Filter and a LPF 2 Pole Filter. Control the Comb Feedback with Macro 6 and the Resonance of the LPF with Macro 5. Channel 2 adds a selfdrawn synthetic wave in Fractalize mode run through a Bandpass and a Cloudfilter. Channel C uses another Tamtam sample, irregular hits with a metal stick. It runs in Granular mode, control the sample speed with Macro 1. It is also processed by a tuned Combfilter (Macro 7 for Feedback) and a LPF (Macro 8 for Cutoff). The Ringmodulator in the Master section has a x/y-pad assigned for balance and pitch, vibrato can be added to the Combfilters with the Modwheel and Macro 14 controls the Cutoff of the LPF in the Master section. Macros 2-4 control the individual channel volumes. In the upper regions of this patch weird resonances occur. Check the LFO and envelopes pages for modulation sources and targets.
Scrape Scape 2 (var): This patch uses only the scrape sample in Channels A and B, B is tuned down an octave, The Modwheel controls the Balance of the Cloudfilters which add a fixed tonal texture to the sound by tuning the Filter Grains to Dom7, In Channel A there is also an Allpass Filter (Macro 6 for Resonance and Macro 1 for FIltermod speed). The resonance of the LPF Filter in the Master section is modulated by a Frequency Shifter, Macro 5 controls the FS speed. High FS speeds with the Modwheel fully up yield interesting results.
The download folder contains two patch formats: ksd (old Absynth) and nab (new Absynth).

21.4MB Wav/48khz/24Bit