Space Attacks




Ominous Sci-Fi Soundscape.
Two samples from a series named Space Attacks which I made with Reaktor and another sample I made with Synplant are processed in this patch. Chan 1 in Granular mode, Time set to 3%, Grain Size is controlled by an envelope. A Cloudfilter adds some galactic shimmering (quantized Cloud Grains) which you will only hear if you turn up the Modwheel. A LFO-morphed Waveshaper then deconstructs the signal. Chan B in normal Sample mode is processed by a LFO-controlled Supercomb which adds voicelike screaming textures. Chan C in normal Sample mode hits the Master section unprocessed. All Channels have a Macro assigned to their volumes. The Attack time of all samples can also be controlled with a Macro. A LFO-morphed Ringmodulator in the Master section can be added with the assigned Macro and a LPF 8 Pole Filter with envelope controlled Resonance cuts some of the high Frequencies. Control the LPF Cutoff with the assigned Macro. The wet/dry parameters of the Resonators in the FX section are controlled by temposynced envelopes resulting in a subtle pulsation of the space. Be patient with this patch and play each note for a long time as it needs time to evolve.
5.2MB Wav/48khz/24Bit