Space Delight




This patch uses 3 samples/electronic textures I produced with an array of Plug-Ins via a very convoluted procedure. All Oscillators run in Granular mode, sample playhead position controlled by looped envelopes. You can speed up the samples drastically by turning Macro 1 towards the left and determine the volume of each channel with Macros 2-4. The Modwheel will add random pitch modulation to the sample grains. Each sample is processed by a Highpassfilter, Cutoff Frequency modulated by a looped envelope. You can control the Filter Resonance with Macro 5, the depth of the modulation with Macro 6 and the envelope speed with Macro 7. The tuned Supercomb Filter in the Master section can make things more tonal by turning up the Feedback with Macro 8. You can modulate the Comb's Frequency with Macro 14, add a temposynced Frequency shifter with Macro 12 and phasinglike tone modulation with Macro 11. The Aetherizer adds a huge modulated space, controls for wet and dry are available (Macros 9/10). Please check the envelope and LFO pages for further modulation sources and targets.
The download folder contains the 3 samples and two patch formats: ksd (old Absynth) and nab (new Absynth).
16.2MB Wav/48khz/24Bit