Space of Glass




Ethereal Glass patch.
Oscillator A carries a sample of tinkling glasses in granular mode, an envelope controls the playhead position of the wave, it takes 80+ seconds to scroll through the entire sample. A Supercomb filter adds resonances, control it's reso amount with the assigned Macro and add Waveshaper reso treatment with another Macro which turns the glass sound into a rich pad. If you want to hear the pure glass sound turn down the Macro for Comb resonance. Osc B is triggered by the amplitude/volume of Channel A via the Audio Mod on the Performance page and adds a bandpassfiltered FM wave, control the channel volume and Filter Frequency with the assigned Macros. A Cloudfilter in the Master section adds more heaven, control Balance and Filter Frequency with the assigned Macros. The Modwheel adds Frequency Modulation to the Combfiler resulting in a pitch modulation. The Aetherizer in the FX section adds a huge modulated space.
13.9MB Wav/48khz/24Bit