Split Spectral Synth




3 samples (C0-C2-C4) I made with a combination of Reaktor and Alchemy split and spread out over the entire keyboard range. All Oscillators are set to Granular mode, control the sample speed with Macro 1 and the release time with Macro 2. Processed by Cloudfilters (Balance assigned to Macro 5) with LFO-cotrolled Filter Hz and a Lowpass Filter that rises in the attack phase if you turn Macro 7 down which is assigned to the first Breakpoint of the Filter Rise. Enhance the Filter Resonance with Macro 8. A Supercomb Filter in the Master section can add more body and strangeness to the sound if you turn up it's resonance with Macro 6. The following LFO-morphed Ringmodulator can be made audible by turning up Macro 3 which is assigned to Ringmod Balance. The Modwheel activates a temposynced LFO-pulsation. Macros 9-12 control various parameters of the Aetherizer in the FX section. Check the envelope, Midi and LFO page for further modulation sources and targets.
33.8MB Wav/48khz/24Bit