Subway Done




A sample recorded in a Moscow subway station with arriving subways processed in Metasynth is used in all 3 Channels. Channel A runs in Sampler mode, the signal is processed by a LFO-morphed Waveshaper, Channel volume is controlled by an envelope in (temposynced) retrigger mode. Channel B runs in Granular mode, sample playhead position/speed controlled by a looped envelope and processes the sample with a Cloudfilter, it's Balance controlled by the envelope which also controls the Volume of Channel A (Link mode) and/or with Macro 1. Channel C is a transposed clone of Channel B plus it has a Frequency Shifter active in module C2. Control the Frequency shift with Macro 7 and the Channel Volume with Macro 4. In the Master section a Comb Filter can be added by turning up it's resonance with Macro 5. It's pitch is controlled by a LFO, control the LFO speed with Macro 6, The same LFO also modulates other parameters. A Lowpass Filter is active in the Master Section/Module 2, control it's Cutoff with Macro 8 and it's waveshaped resonance with Macro 12. The Resonators in the FX section can be controlled with Macroe 9-11. The Modwheel adds a temposynced pitch modulation and Macro 14 controls the Volumes of Channels A+B- Please check the envelope and LFO section for further modulation sources and targets.
24,7 MB Wav/48khz/24Bit