Weird soundscape, watch out for Feedbacks! Oscillator A carries a slowed down sample in granular mode I made in Reaktor 5. This is run through a swelling LPF 8 pole filter with high Resonance, a Frequency processes that resonance, adding strange pulsations that follow the keynumbers - a quantized envelope controlled Cloudflter adds strange overtones. Osc C in double mode is also run throughan LP filter with the same swelling curve and another Cloudfilter. A Ringmodulator in the Master section and a Supercombfilter add more strangeness. Control the amount of Ringmodulation with the Modwheel and the Mastercomb's Resonance and tone with the assigned Macros, watch out for shreeking noises and unpredictable feedbacks please. The reverb colour of the Resonantor in the FX section is controlled by an envelope.
2.9MB Wav/48khz/24Bit
MP3 Demo