Synced Panswell Pad




Osc A+B both play in FM mode with a Factory wave as Carrier and a selfdrawn wave as Modulator, Unison set to 5 voices. They are then processed by LPF 8 Pole Filters, their Feedback modulated by a Waveshaper using the same wave as the Oscillator's Modulators. Filter Cutoffs and Osc Volumes are controlled by temposynced retriggered envelopes (see screenshot), Channel A pans from L->R and Channel B from R->L. The Cloudfilters in A2/B2 then add some shimmer, Filter Balance controlled by the Modwheel. In the Master section a Waveshaper adds some Density before a LFO controlled Supercomb does it's job. Control Supercomb resonance with Macro 5. An Aetherizer in the FX section adds a big warped space.
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