Trio Sequence




Three Oscillators in double mode carrying sine waves as main waves and triangle waves as modulators. Unison and slight randomization add detune, the Oscillator 's Balance is controlled with a LFO and via velocity. All Oscillators are processed with Allpass- and Cloudfilters, the Frequency of the Cloudfilters controlled by envelopes in Osc B+C, you can control the Cloudfilter Balance of all 3 Oscillators with the Modwheel. The amplitudes of the Oscillators are controlled by temposynced envelopes in retrigger mode, the default pitch setting is 1-7-12, the upper two pitches can be pitched down with the assigned Macro resulting in a 1-5-10 sequence. The attacks of the Oscillators can be controlled with the assigned Macro. A Ringmodulator in the Master section adds scifiness, control it's Balance with the assigned Macro, a LPF 8 Pole Filter reduces high frequencies if you tweak the assigned Macro. You can also tweak the Aetherizer settings with the Macros assigned, make sure that the Macro for the Aetherizer's pitch parameter is set correctly otherwise the whole patch will sound totally out of tune. Also check the LFO page for further modulations assignments.
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