Triplet Synth




This patch is a triplet based sequence good for bass lines and chords. Oscilator A and B run in FM mode, their volumes sequenced with envelopes in retrigger mode, Osc B tuned up an octave with some envelope controlled pitch modulation. The sequence of Osc B is slightly shifted to create offbeats. Both Oscillators are processed with a Waveshaper and a Frequency Shifter. Control the Frequency Shift with Macro 5 which is inverted for Channel B. The volumes of Channel A+B are assigned to Macros 2+3. Channel C, it's volume assigned to the Modwheel, adds a metallic woodpecker-like sequence in double time. In the Master section a Notch and a LPF 8 Pole Filter process the signal furtherly, Macros 6-8 are assigned to Notch Resonance, LPF Cutoff and LPF Resonance. Some temposynced Delays in the FX section are controllable with Macros 9+10. Please check the envelope and LFO page for further modulation sources and targets.
3.5KB No Samples Used