Vocal Dreaming




Very warm and ethereal vocal patch. Two female vocal samples from a recent project edited in Melodyne played back in Granular mode, Sample Playhead position and speed controlled by looped envelopes. Chan A carries a single note, Chan B carries a higher phrase singing a straight note and moving up a semitone, the samples are tuned in octaves. Both voices are processed by envelope driven Cloud Filters, the wet/dry Balance is controlled with the Modwheel. A Supercomb in the Master section can be added by using the assigned Macro which controls the Supercomb's ringmodulated Feedback. A tuneable Aetherizer space provides the neccessary spaciousness, make sure the assigned Macro for the Aetherizer's pitch is set to where you want it to be, otherwise the Patch gets all detund which of course can be very desirable. Both Channels have their volumes assigned to Macros so you can balance between the two voices.
5.1MB Wav/48khz/24Bit