Vowel Choir Pad




Two choir samples which I recorded last year played back in granular mode, split over the Keyboard range. Osc A carries a tenor sample, Osc C a soprano sample, split point is around C4. Control the sample speed with the assigned Macro. The tenors are run through a LPF 4 pole Filter with feedback resonance processed by a Frequency Shifter, wavemorphing controlled by a LFO and then routed into a quantized Cloudfilter set to vowel mode, the vowels are controlled by a temposynced step envelope in Retrigger mode. The sopranos are run through a LFO controlled Allpassfilter. Osc B in FM mode carries a selfdrawn wave as the carrier and a Vocal A waveform as Modulator run through a Bandpass Filter, Cutoff controlled by an envelope, control the envelope speed with the assigned Macro. Unison detune of Osc B is controlled with a LFO, a Cloudfilter adds more detuned space. In the Master section you find a Supercombfilter, Filter feedback processed by a Waveshaper, the position parameter controlled by a LFO and it's overall Balance controlled with the Modwheel. By default the Comb adds syntheticness an octave higher, pitch it down an octave with the assigned Macro and change it's attack with the assigned Macro. To control the lower frequencies generated by the Supercomb when playing upper registers a Highpass Filer is active in the Master section 2. The Resonators in the FX section have four Macros assigned, the FX Filter Frequency is controlled with a LFO. Happy padding folks!
21.6MB Wav/48khz/24Bit
MP3 Demo